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What's New

With the turn of the calendar, another month has quickly come and gone in 2016. Flowers are blooming and Summer is just around the corner. This May we celebrate the return of the warm weather and all things mom. How better to honor our mother's, then to fill up a Great Harvest gift bag with breakfast-in-bed goodies, or all day munchies, for your mom. Don't forget that Mother's Day is on May 10th.

Orders are appreciated to guarantee your favorites. Call today at 701-293-9382.

   Our main feature bread for May, is the popular  Cinnamon Chip. This amazing bread starts with our unbleached, all natural, white flour. We then add a huge amount of cinnamon chips to the dough, before baking it to a perfect golden brown. Try this bread French toast or simply toast it for a quick morning treat. This bread is available everyday, throughout the month.  

   Another featured bread this month, is Guinness & GoudaThis amazing bread starts with our unbleached, all natural, white flour & our 100% fresh milled, whole wheat flour. We then add a huge helping of genuine Guinness Stout, half a case, and a large portion of high quality, smoked gouda cheese. This cheesy masterpiece, is available on Fridays

   Our final featured item for May, is our Cinnamon Chip Cheesecake. This bread starts off just like our regular cinnamon chip bread, with our unbleached, all natural, white flour and loads of cinnamon chips. Next, we roll out the dough, and fill it with our special cinnamon cream cheese filling. Finally we roll it up and bake it to a golden perfection. This bread is an amazing treat, that you have to try to believe. Available on Tuesdays only, reserve your early for they sell out fast. 

 Great Harvest Fargo, also offers gluten free bread, with the addition of our Gluten Free, Harvest Buckwheat Brown Rice Bread*!! Our gluten free bread is made with brown rice flour, flax meal, buckwheat, tapioca flour, xanthum gum, buttermilk, butter, egg, water, yeast and honey. Now available on Wednesdays, in Cranberry, Cinnamon Chip and Original, order yours today!

*Our bakery is gluten friendly, meaning we make our made-from scratch gluten free bread in our bakery's flour environment. 

Featured this month!!
We are also featuring these great breads:

Potato Dill (Daily)
Cinnamon Chip (Daily)
Cinnamon Raisin
Whole Grain Low Carb
Sundried Tomato Asiago Sourdough
Low Carb Dakota
White Cheddar Garlic 
Cranberry High 5 Fiber
Cracked Pepper Parmesan
Flax Oatbran
Chocolate Sundown
9-Grain Whole Wheat
Pepperoni Rolls
Onion Rye
Tomato Herb
Rockridge Crunch
Berry Goodness
Breakfast Blast


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