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What's New

The month of January is filled with resolutions, new beginnings, and a dedication to healthy eating. It is a perfect time to get excited about the benefits of incorporating Whole Grains into your diet. That is why, here at Great Harvest Bread, we are promoting our Whole Grain breads throughout the whole month. Stop in today to see which delicious whole grain breads we have to offer each day.

Orders are appreciated to guarantee your favorites.
Call today at 701-293-9382.

 Our main feature bread for January is the healthy, flavorful Apple Walnut Cinnamon. This heart healthy bread is made with 100% fresh milled whole wheat flour, apples, cinnamon and walnut. This bread is great toasted, or even try it as a healthy, flavorful alternative in your French toast recipes. We make this bread every Monday throughout the month.

 Another feature bread this month is the return of our Breakfast Blast. This hearty yet sweet bread is made with 100% fresh milled whole wheat flour, that we then add dried dates, cinnamon, cinnamon chips and rolled oats to. This amazingly delicious and healthy treat is available every Saturday! 

 For our final feature bread is Cranberry Orange. This feature bread is made with 100% fresh milled, whole wheat flour. We then add fresh orange puree, orange peel, and loads of tart dried cranberries, creating a flavorful and fruity bread that is sure to please everyone. Available Tuesdays, throughout the month of January.

Our customers have spoken and we have answered. It is with great excitement that the bakers at Great Harvest Fargo announce our newest addition Gluten Free, Harvest Buckwheat Brown Rice Bread*!! Our gluten free bread is made with brown rice flour, flax meal, buckwheat, tapioca flour, xanthum gum, buttermilk, butter, egg, water, yeast and honey. Now available Mondays & Wednesday, in Cranberry, Cinnamon Chip and Original, order yours today!

*Our bakery is gluten friendly, meaning we make our made-from scratch gluten free bread in our bakery's flour environment. 

Featured this month!!
We are also featuring these great breads:

Dakota (Daily)
Cinnamon Chip (Daily)

Guinness & Gouda
Flax Oatbran
White Cheddar Garlic
Berry Goodness
Mushroom & Swiss
Sundried Tomato Asiago Sourdough
Low Carb Dakota
Rhubarb Apple Crunch
Cranberry High 5 Fiber
Cinnamon Raisin
Spinach Feta
9-Grain Whole Wheat
Pizza Bread
Potato Dill



As the year comes to a close, we at Great Harvest want to say Thanks for being such amazing customers. We really appreciate all the people that take the time to stop in our door. We look forward to another year of serving you the best quality bread, sweets and sandwiches we can. Thank you again!! 

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