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Monday - Friday : 6am - 6pm  ·  Saturday : 6am - 3:30 pm  ·  Closed Sundays  ·  (701) 293-9382
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What's New

Spring has Sprung! As the days get longer, so to does the list of things that need to be done each day. That means that life is getting busy, and here at Great Harvest Fargo, we would like to help. Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm, we offer a healthy on the go lunch loaded with options, starting with our made to order sandwiches, with fresh ingredients and of course, our made-from-scratch breads. We also offer two soups options daily, a variety of chips, fresh fruit, and of course a cookie to satisfy any ones sweet tooth. Come, and let us make you lunch, or call ahead and we will have lunch ready for you.  


The main featured bread for the month of May is our most popular, Cinnamon Chip Bread. This delicately sweet bread, starts with our all natural, unbleached, white flour, that we then added a very generous amount of cinnamon chips too. Next, we knead the dough to large round loaves before baking it to soft, cinnamony perfection. Available Everyday, throughout the month. 

Another featured bread this month, is our other top contender for most popular cheese bread, Guinness & Gouda. We start with a blend of our all natural, 100% fresh milled, whole wheat flour, and our all natural, unbleached white flour, Next we add a case, that's right a case of Genuine Guinness Stout. Once blended, we add a large amount of cubed smoked Gouda cheese. Finally, we knead the dough, and shape it into round loaves, before finally baking it to a golden perfection. Stop in on Fridays throughout the month, to give this amazing bread a try. 

Our final featured bread for the month of May is our, Breakfast Blast. This healthy and flavorful bread, starts with our all-natural, 100% fresh milled, wheat flour. We then blend in dates, rolled oats, cinnamon chips and cinnamon. After gently kneading together all these tasty ingredients, we bake the dough into golden round loaves.This amazing bread is available every Wednesday, all month long. 

Great Harvest Fargo, also offers gluten free bread with the addition of our Gluten Free, Harvest Buckwheat Brown Rice Bread*!! Our gluten free bread is made with brown rice flour, flax meal, buckwheat, tapioca flour, xanthum gum, bittermilk, butter, egg, water, yeast and honey. Always available on Wednesdays, order yours today.

*Our bakery is gluten friendly, meaning we make our made from scratch gluten free bread in our bakery's flour environment.

Also Available this month!!
We are also offering these additional great breads:

Potato Dill (Daily)
Cinnamon Chip (Daily)

Whole Grain Low Carb
Cracked Pepper Parmesan
Flax Oatbran
Caramel Apple
Cinnamon Chip Cheesecake
Sundried Tomato Asiago Sourdough
Dakota Low Carb
Italian Garlic
Rockridge Crunch
Pepperoni Rolls (Classic & Herb)
Cinnamon Raisin
Cranberry Orange
Asiago Pesto
9-Grain Whole Wheat
Onion Rye
Cranberry High-5 Fiber