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 Great Harvest, Bread & Sweet Gifting

Gourmet Items for Any Gift
Here at Great Harvest, we offer a large variety of specialty items to choose from to fullfill any gifting need.

They include:

A large variety of Fruit Butters and Jams
Creamed and Regular Honey
Dry Soup Mixes
Various Gourmet Dipping Oils
All natural Peanut Butter
Locally grow, Ground and Whole Flax Seed
Hot Cocoa mix (Seasonal)
3 different types of Homemade Granola
Great Harvest Bread Knives
Decrative Bread Warmers
Great Harvest Bread Cutting Boards
Gourmet Pancake Syrup (Variety of flavors)
Hot & Sweet Relish Jars

Just to name a few.


 Interested in shipping a small box or getting a gift bag for someone special?
Try these other gifting options that are also available.

Shipping/ Gifting Boxes: Small Box $4, Large Box $5
Gift Baskets: Small $5, Medium $6, Large $7
Gifting Bag: $3.00 (w/tissue)